About us

  Established in 2005, our main business scope is the development and sales of high-performance films. These include materials for solar energy (PV), touch panel (TP), optics, optoelectronics, precision coating, electronics, industrial, food and staple merchandise, all of which are important materials and development directions for current and future industries.

  We are now extending our services to the production field of film- high temperature metal filters, melt-blown filters, eco-friendly anticorrosive coatings and spray coatings for marine environments, highly corrosive factory environments, solar mounting system and the symbiosis of fisheries and electricity. KJ have accumulated a wealth of resources over the years in the related industries and have become a leading supplier of supply chain in Taiwan. Based on the spirit of “professionalism, service and customer-oriented", we provide customers with the most suitable products and solve their problems with our executive abilities to create a win-win situation for both enterprises and customers.


Business Philosophy

We are dedicated to fulfill our corporate culture and spirit of “Integrity, Pragmatic, Discipline, Efficiency, Learning, Innovation, Solidarity and Sharing". This is reflected in the quality of our products and policies, and is deeply integrated into our systems and work.

◎Integrity and pragmatic / Development of cooperation culture: KJ upholds the concept of integrity and pragmatism in product sales and customer relations. We emphasize a harmonious working atmosphere, the importance of team work, breaking down departmental boundaries and stimulating the potential for teamwork.
◎Discipline and efficiency / Humanized management: KJ advocates an autonomous management style, providing employees with opportunities to participate in management. Supervisors and staff participate in goal setting, execution and evaluation in accordance with the company’s development strategy and departmental goals, combining individual work and learning with the company’s development.
◎Learning and innovation / Encourage innovation and continuous improvement: The work culture of KJ – “There is no best, only better.", “The solution to no solution is to think of another solution." Encourage continuous learning and improvement among employees to break through and innovate. Establish a mechanism for professional skills education training, and a subsidy and welfare system for learning a second profession.
◎Solidarity and Sharing / Sharing of business results: The business results of KJ are jointly created by the work team, so a fixed percentage of the annual surplus is given back to the employees. We create an environment where the employees have no worries, keep up our good works and together we achieve more glorious results.

Enterprises Four Cores

Customer Satisfaction — Professionalism, Service, Enthusiasm
Supplier’s cooperation— Sharing the common prosperity
Employee peace of mind — Living and working happily, long term development, employees are also shareholders
Shareholder’s gratification — Good operational performance and investment

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