The achievements of KJ are due to the joint efforts of all colleagues in the company. We understand that “talent" is the most important asset of an enterprise, and we firmly believe that the pursuit of sustainable business must be accompanied by the simultaneous growth and self-fulfillment of employees. We value the future development of our employees and provide a generous welfare system and comprehensive education and training. In addition, as the company grows and extends its reach to other industries, KJ also provide you with a broader development and a smooth promotion path.

Welfare System

KJ provide a comprehensive and considerate salary and benefit system, because the profit of the enterprise is the result of the cooperation of all employees. We are happy to share the fruits of this achievement with our employees and become a happy enterprise.

I. Salary
  Including monthly recurring salary
  Participate in labor insurance and national health insurance according to the law
II. Bonus system
  Quarterly performance bonus
  Year-end bonuses
III. Labor Pension Contribution
  In order to make proper planning for the retirement of employees, we apply for labor pension contribution in accordance with the law.
IV. Employee health management
  Provide free health checkups for employees at medical center level (employees’ dependents can join the company’s preferential program)
V. Diversified employee welfare operations
  Domestic and overseas travel
  Quarterly dinners/year-end party
  Sponsorship for recreational activities such as badminton club…etc.
  Birthday, wedding, childbirth, funeral and other subsidies
  Year-end raffle & cash & vouchers
  Other recreational activities from time to time

Education and Training

Employees are the most important assets of KJ. We provide comprehensive training programs to enhance employees’ professional competitiveness and development potential.

New Employee Training
To enable new employees to integrate into the corporate atmosphere in the shortest possible time and to perform their functions in the workplace.
Professional Knowledge Education and Training
To enrich employees’ professional knowledge and work skills to meet the needs of different duties, in order to improve their performance and achieve their work goals.
External Education and Training
According to the needs of different functions, we attend the professional courses held by external organizations.