General BOPP filmHigh transparency and gloss
Excellent ink and coating adhesion
Excellent water vapor and grease barrier properties
Low static performance ex. BOPP heat sealable film, BOPP cigarette packaging film
Printing, bag, tape making and laminating with other substrates.
General CPP filmExcellent flexibility, effective impact resistance
High ductility and good stretching effect
For packaging of electronic products, flowers, gifts, etc., and for lamination with other substrates
Pearlescent filmExcellent heat seal strength 
Excellent UV barrier performance
High-grade appearance with pearl luster
High barrier property
Packaging for food and household products after printing.
Matte filmLow gloss and high haze
Excellent printing performance
Excellent heat sealability
Packaging boxes for soap, food, cigarettes, cosmetics, medical products, etc.
Anti-fogging filmExcellent anti-fogging and heat sealing properties
High smoothness
Good puncture resistance; high transparency; long-lasting freshness
Packaging for vegetables, fruits, sushi, flowers, etc.
Electroplated FilmExcellent barrier property, good freshness preservation effect
Uniform and dense aluminum layer with strong adhesion
High heat sealing strength and stable compounding performance
Packaging for tea, candy, food and high-barrier sealing type