Protection film

Acrylic protection film
PU protection film
Silicone protection film
High quality, high cleanliness, no pollution, clean room production
Low adhesion, no glue residue, no foaming
Anti-static type: Anti-static glue 108<resistance value <1013
High temperature resistant type: High temperature resistant / UV resistant
High exhaust type: High speed exhausting performance and avoid transfer
General-purpose type: Used in FPC circuit board, cell phone carrier board, shipping package, etc.
Adhesion and glue properties can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.
Used for optical material related parts protection, touch panel, ITO process, shipping protection, soft board, cell phone carrier, shipping package, surface protection of glass, film, optical material, stable adhesion.
Anti-acid protection filmPET or PET/PO composite as the base material of the protective film to protect the glass from corrosion, blistering and peeling during the secondary strengthening process.Hydrofluoric acid resistant protective film designed and manufactured for secondary enhancement process of OGS process of touch panel
UV adhesive reduction protection filmIt is coated with exclusive UV adhesive system, which has high adhesion at the beginning and can be adhered to the object after the initial application. After processing, it can lose its adhesion by irradiating appropriate amount of UV rays, and it can be easily removed without peeling off or affecting the surface of the material and the subsequent process.For silicon wafer and touch process cutting