Sintered Metal Powder

DescriptionWe utilize exclusive and rigorous patent technology, inclusive of the distribution, formation and sintering of the powder, to provide the porous sintered metal powder filters. With high performance in mechanical strength, excellent heat and corrosion resistance, precise filtracion and long service life.
By adjusting particle size and distribution, we are capable of producing a series of wide range powder filtration ratings.
Applicationfiltration and recycle of catalyst
high-temperature gas filtration of Petrochemical Industry
high-temperature purification of gas in metallurgical industry
dust and gas purification in thermal and nuclear power industry
dust purification of electronic high temperature gas
hydraulic and lubricating oil of machine equipments
medical and pharmacy, biology, beverage
Material316L & 304L
INCONEL 600/625
Specification   OD: D20mm~D200mm
Length: 100mm~1000mm
Filtration rating: 0.5u~50u