Anti-Carbonation Coating Series

The coating base is nano-modified resin without emulsifier. It is suitable for protection in atmospheric corrosion class C4, C5, C5+ as defined by ISO 12944, such as outdoor protection in industrial parks, cities and other atmospheric environments; protection in bridges, buildings, petrochemicals, ships, storage tanks, etc. The product contains penetrant, reinforcement coating and top coat.

Special Features

Strong corrosion resistance C5+
Passed SGS certification, salt spray resistance test 1440Hr. and aging resistance test 1500Hr.
Strong adhesion
Strong adhesion to oil and water-based paint surfaces (except chlorinated paint and fluorocarbon paint)
Convenience construction
Single component, easy to apply, fast drying, can be constantly constructed.
Eco-friendly, low VOC
Volatile organic compounds <50g/L
Low surface treatment
No floating dust, oil and other loose substances on the surface, keep the surface dry and free from water accumulation and infiltration.
No Heavy metals
Passed SGS inspection,
no Pb, Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Se.


Note: The above packages are for reference only, the actual packages are adjusted according to the status of the case