Transparent PET

Transparent PETHazy / Z type / 6-8%Can be used with chemical treatment and corona to increase adhesion
Can be used with chemical treatment and corona to increase adhesion
Function of chemical processing:
Release coating
Barcode and UV ink
protection film
Geneal / G type / 4%Base film for tapes
Cable Insulation
Printing, packaging, laminating
Other industrial / coating applications
Super clear / L type / 1.2-2%Base film for tape
(surface & substrate)
Protection film for Notebook
Dust-free room guide film
Optical grade PETOptical / S type / < 1%Optical grade film materials
We can provide special treatment according to customer’s processing needs
Dust-free room production
Optical coating base film
ex: BEF film / Diffuser / HC / ITO
Protective film bases
For Heat Insulating Film
Anti-static PETCan be matched with
hazy ~ optical grade base film 
Single-sided / double-sided anti-static 108-10
Surface Coating / Internal Addition
Anti-static protection packaging material
PV Back SheetHazy / HZ typePCT: 48HR / 60HR / 72HR
(Elongation > 10%)
Solar backsheet substrates

Colored PET

Black PETBlack PET
Insulation use, good light blocking
Fire rating: UL VTM-2 / VTM-0
Transformer Insulation Materials
Optical shading materials
M.W.PETMilky White PETElectrical Products Insulation Applications
Cutting of optical film protection substrates
Panel factory, back panel insulating material
Can be used with chemical treatment and corona to increase adhesion
For insulating sheet and black/white film
Insulation and Labeling
For blocking light
For tape
MATT PETDevelop different coarseness and haze for customers
(Supply plating factory)
For Label
Transfer Foil
Color FilmBlue Film
Red Film
Yellow Film
Others ( green, gold etc)
Base film for release type
For tape
for fault – prevent

Special PET

Shrink PETShrinkage rate 40-80%Shrink Labels
Wine labels / bottle labels
PET (High C.O.F)C.O.F>0.8
Twist PETReplaces cellophaneTwist packaging use, ex. candy, biscuits
Aluminum trioxide (ALOX)Transparent high barrier
Oxygen and water barrier
Food packaging materials